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What are the EGS products?

The EGS (Electronic Government Solutions) suite will allow citizens and local agencies the opportunity to leverage the raw power of technology to provide a true sense of freedom of information. Assessor's information, deeds and mortgages data and images, as well as integration to current Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and family court information are all available from your home or office. What makes the products unique is their ability to access multi-platform information from the AS/400 iSeries and NT environments via the Internet. They work with your current platform allowing the EGS software to be incorporated within various environments for both the public and private sectors. This technology allows for data collection times to be drastically reduced and presented in graphical and concise formats. The products work in a real-time interface between end-users and actual live data eliminating the potential for data replication and inaccurate information. It also eliminates the need to maintain separate databases containing the same information.

How do the EGS products work?

EGS products allow users to easily access information via the Internet regardless of platform or where data resides. Based upon a search initiated by an end-user through a web browser, the application will return the search results where the end-user will select a specific record they would like to view. Once the requested record has been selected, the appropriate information will be served from the AS/400 iSeries through the web and displayed on the end user's computer. EGS will allow you to simply choose the type of information you are looking for in a specified county and search from the convenience of your home or office. The same process will occur for any information queried for GIS information on an NT machine. The software will integrate with any AS/400 iSeries database, and with GIS software such as ESRI's ArcIMS.

What are the features and benefits of the EGS products?

  • Inquiry Based Solution- EGS products allow end users to search by name, address, and case number or parcel number.

  • User Friendly- EGS products allow for one-stop shopping for all data inquiries from the AS/ 400 iSeries or NT data sources.

  • Real-Time Information- EGS products allow access to real-time, cross-platform data via Internet browser resulting in increased availability of public information.

  • Eliminates Data Replication- EGS products remove the need to maintain separate databases in order to keep information current.

  • Reporting Capabilities- EGS products allow the retrieval of information on property cards, fair market value assessments, deeds and family court information.

  • Budget Friendly-EGS products decrease the cost of record-keeping and staff expenses for support and information request calls.

  • Cost Effective-EGS products require low production and implementation costs due to the application's ability to leverage existing business logic within legacy applications.

  • Graphical Display of Data-EGS products use GUI interface to present information via the web regardless of platform.

What other services are offered with the EGS products?

  • Implementation Services- Customization of application through the use of templates and APIs so that revisions to field layouts, report layouts and screen layouts can be customized per customer.

  • E-architecture Services- Design and recommendation for optimum performance of the entire e-government solution. Capacity planning to insure high-level response time from hardware and software to the design and analysis of data communications.

  • Web-development Services- Open customization of the look and feel of the EGS applications so that each customer has the ability to design and implement a unique solution from page design and color selection to the design of customer-specific images.

  • Integration Services- Services rendered insure the communication between hardware and software components would be developed at an optimum level for stability and security.


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